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I'm a Sagittarius heart, iced latte lover & travel enthusiast!

I'm a content creator, designer and photographer based in Costa Rica & Miami. I specialize in showcasing the amazing lifestyle behind brands and hotels to help them connect with their dream audience!

that loves creating genuine  lifestyle content for brands

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Watching crime documentaries

157 hours

Thinking about my next meal

27 years

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Behind Hopeful Outsiders


Everything started with an iPhone4,  a creative drive and a Sagittarius heart back in 2015. My journey as a photographer started by chance after traveling sparked my creativity and I started shooting my travels and creative journey.

I started dipping my toes in lifestyle photography and content creation by chance and I completely fell in love with it!  I realized how amazing it was to not only create/design  brands but how incredible it was to showcase the magic behind their lifestyle. 

7 years later I’ve been able to create content for a living working alongside lifestyle brands and hotels. Showcasing their unique lifestyle and helping them connect with their ideal clients!

Let me tell you how it all started

What i absolutely Love to do


I'm an editing fanatic! I will spend hours editing photos

If there's anything I enjoy about the content creation process is editing. I'm always in the hunt for new apps and tricks to up my editing game.


My biggest dream is to move to Paris and spend my days eating croissants!

If you told me where I would love to live it would be Paris. Give a plane ticket and I'll move right away, no questions asked!


I will get on top of ANYTHING to get the perfect shot!

I've mastered the sumo squat, shooting on my tippy toes and getting into very dangerous scenarios just to get the perfect shot. 10/10 would recommend!


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