Staycation in Nomadic Hotel

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Take a peek into my latest Hotel Photography Staycation at The Nomadic!

As the new normal comes into play I’ve decided I wanted to have a little staycation in Nosara, Guanacaste. As some of you may know I live in Costa Rica (I live where you vacation basically haha) and I’m constantly traveling to Miami for work but with Miss ‘Rona my travel bug has been asleep for the past year. So I decided that in 2021 I wanted to explore Costa Rica more often and truly enjoy the perks of being a digital nomad.

There’s something so magical about being able to work remotely from anywhere in the world so I decided to that from paradise. Take a peek into what this amazing staycation for was like thanks to The Nomadic.

The Nomadic Hotel

I’ve always been a interior design lover and if you enjoy well-designed hotels and creative concepts believe me you’ll ADORE staying at The Nomadic. Located in Nosara, Guanacaste; The Nomadic is a boutique hotel that will make you feel like you’re the middle of an oasis!

Janice & Klay are the couple behind this amazing hotel! Curated to be the most amazing place for you to unwind, relax and enjoy that Pura Vida lifestyle everyone knows and love! I’m so beyond grateful to Janice & Klay for inviting me to enjoy a week in their amazing hotel and creating content for them!

You have to follow them and fall in love with every single corner of The Nomadic. I’m so beyond excited to share with you all the travel & hotel photography we did for The Nomadic

Nomadic Hotel
IG @nomadicnosara

A Getaway to a tropical paradise

The main goal for this getaway was to create content for the hotel and to enjoy a week of sun, paradise and good vibes. Nosara is such an amazing spot for you to choose, if you love amazing sunsets, great food and chill vibes you need to add Nosara to your bucket list.

Picture this: You wake up early to the sound of the waves, fresh coffee is ready to go as you sit down with your laptop to edit your most recent shoot in paradise. Sounds like a dream, right? Well that was basically my entire week in Nomadic. I’m so beyond grateful to be able to collab with amazing hotels like these and to spend my days doing what I love the most; creating content and showcasing the lifestyle behind creative businesses.

Style Edit | Glam & Tropical

My days were filled with sunshine, coffee, cocktails, pool breaks to fight out the heat and slow living. The best part was the I got to finally wear my favorite loungewear set by my darling girls at Homebodii. I basically lived in the Riviera Set and it was pure bliss. Remember to wear fresh and comfortable clothes in Guanacaste, the heat can be a little too intense so make sure your outfits will help you fight out the heat.

Nosara’s Top Picks

Nosara has to be by far one of my favorite places to visit in Costa Rica, so I wanted to share a curated list of places I LOVE to visit when I’m there. From places to eat, beaches to watch the sunset and cool spots!

To Eat

Beaches to Visit

  • Playa Guiones
  • Playa Pelada
  • San Juanillo

Slow living goals

This year has been quite a whirlwind it definitely has taught me the value of slow living and resting. I had the most amazing staycation at the Nomadic. I came back home inspired, rested and ready to create more content. Hope you enjoy this staycation content and a little behind the scenes on what’s really like to be a content creator and digital nomad.

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Staycation in Nomadic Hotel

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