How to build your Instagram Aesthetic!

Are you ready to make your Instagram look like a dream and actually connecting with your target? Finding the perfect instagram aesthetic that fits your brand can be a struggle, I hear you. That’s why I want to share with you my 5 favorite tips to master your Instagram Aesthetics!

Instagram is a VISUAL platform, so that means that we need to connect visually with our audience showcasing the lifestyle and everyday moments that can make our target relate to us! We can do this by applying the following 5 tips to make sure that your dream audience hits that follow button and starts falling in love with your amazing content.

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1. Pick a Brand Personality that fits your aesthetics

An aesthetic Instagram account is more than just looks! It’s all about brand personality, connection and authenticity. The picture perfect feed is no longer a requirement to make it in the IG world but the balance between aesthetically pleasing content + authentic relationships will make you stand out!

Think about what makes you UNIQUE. What’s the type of personality and vibe you want your account to showcase. Is it fun and vibrant, slow living or even a creative soul. Pick what personality fits you the best and start creating content that will make your target relate to YOU and what you stand for.

Instagram aesthetics and lifestyle content for creatives

2. Lifestyle Content is KEY!

Lifestyle Content is the BEST way to connect and master your instagram aesthetic. It’s the art of showcasing everyday moments and telling stories through our photography. This way we can show your audience the lifestyle behind you and your brand in a creative way.

It’s all about real moments, feelings and emotions. We love following like minded creatives and truly connecting with the people we follow on IG. Creating your dream aesthetic using lifestyle photography will help you attract your audience and your amazing personality, authenticity and creativity will help you strengthen those genuine connections and build a community.

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3. Instagram Feed Layouts

The key to a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing IG account is finding the perfect feed layout for you! Our feed is one of the first encounters we have with our dream audience. This will determine if they feel a strong visual connection to our content that truly speaks to themselves.

You can have the most beautiful content ever, but if its showcased in your feed without any balance and contrast this can make your target turn away and keep scrolling. The whole objective is to find a feed layout that will help your content shine and draw the eye for them to fall in love with your aesthetic.

When organizing your feed remember that we need BALANCE & CONTRAST. If you have a crowded photo with a lot visual information pair it up next to a more clean and less crowded photo. This way all of your content will breathe and your feed with be consistent and cohesive.

Editing with A Color Story by Hopeful Outsiders

4. Master your editing skills!

Editing is a key factor in mastering your dream aesthetic, it’s the way we make all your content come to life! Editing has to be by far my favorite step in the content creation process. It’s the step where we take all of your personality, lifestyle and vibe to make it shine.

When it comes to editing there’s no secret recipe other than practice and consistency. Finding your editing style takes time but with the right tools we can make sure your this process goes smoothly.

Here my favorite tools & apps for aesthetically editing your content for Instagram:

  • Snapseed by Google: Heres my fav tools to use. Brightness, Ambiance, Curves, Contrast, Sharpen
  • Touch Retouch: My favorite app to retouch photos and delete unwanted objects.
  • A Color Story: The BEST editing and filter app ever! My favorite filters: Little Italy, Parisian, Snow Cone, North Beach, Lavender!

Remember a good edit can turn any good photo into a DREAM! Keep practicing and find your own editing style that speaks to your soul.

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5. Showcase the real YOU!

When it comes to creating genuine connections, Instagram can be the perfect place to do so if you showcase the real you. People love to know WHO are they following, their lives, what inspires them and makes them happy.

Creating a community on Instagram takes vulnerability and showcasing the real you! And the best part is that you can use Instagram to do that. Showing your face, talking to your followers, making them part of your journey and sparking conversations and creativity.

Start sharing what makes you UNIQUE and the rest will follow!

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How to build your Instagram Aesthetic!

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