Self Care practices for social distancing

Sharing my favorite self care practices for social distancing

Self Care tips for social distancing at home

Staying home can be a challenge for any extrovert out there (I’m looking at you Sagittarius!) so I wanted to share a little bit of magic with my favorite self care tips for social distancing. I know it can be hard staying home, with out feeling like you’re a losing precious time and you’re bored out of your mind.

In these days of (COVID-19) HAVING to stay at home I’ve come up with a different mindset and self care tips that had helped me reduce my anxiety. Slowing down my routine, so I can really enjoy the little things in life.

So here are favorite Self Care tips for staying home and enjoy this quality time with yourself!

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1. Tidy up your space

Having a clean and organized space is the most efficient self care practice I’ve done lately. It was worked wonders on me. Having your space ready for you to work and get inspired is essential for a good relationship with yourself.

Social distancing can be hard but make your space cozy and welcoming for you to be able to relax and also get some work done!

Slow mornings and breakfast in bed, self care practices by Hopeful Outsiders

2. Slow Mornings + Breakfast in bed

Slow mornings have become a way for me to really unwind and relax. I’ve loved the idea of having breakfast in bed for months now so why should we wait for a lockdown to make it happen. I decided to treat myself with some homemade waffles and fresh blooms!

The simple fact of making a meal for yourself not to get it out of the way but to enjoy and nourish your body can work wonders with your creativity. After enjoying a spread of the loveliest Buttermilk Raspberry Compote and Banana Waffles, I was ready to create magic with my florals and simply relax in these stressful days.

Self Care Breakfast in bed by Hopeful Outsiders
Slow morning practices by Hopeful Outsiders

3. Support local artists

With social distancing comes a lot of struggles and challenges for any local business, artists, entrepreneurs out there. So support them any way you possibly can. Buy their products, order food for delivery, get florals from your local florist to make your space more bright and airy!

Anything will help and make a difference.

Flowers have always made an impact on my mood. They inspire and spark my creativity, they bright my space and they make everything better. These days are tough but so are we so let’s keep supporting each other!

Flowers for Self care practice tip
Flowers for self care practice by Hopeful Outsiders

4. Limit your daily intake of news

Social media has opened up the doors for a massive intake of news and media. Since the pandemic started every single channel, social media, etc has bombarded us with news, facts and it can be a lot to take in.

Keeping connected while isolation can either makes us feel good and inspired, or overwhelmed and stressed. So try to limit your daily intake of news. If you feel someone you follow overshares and it’s making you feel on edge just mute them (thank you Instagram for the MUTE button). Try to curated the content you want to receive, for you to have a healthy social distancing.

5. Get your creative juices flowing

We always complain of never having the time for personal projects. We struggle when we can’t do all those plans we have in our minds. But as soon as we get a little free time we only want to lay down and binge watch Netflix (and if that’s your way of coping, that’s completely ok).

In my case I knew I wanted to make sure I was using this time wisely! I’ve been wanting to make some personal shoots, being more present and sharing content on social media. FINALLY taking that e-course I’ve been dying for MONTHS! 

If we are gonna be in this situation for a while might as well make the most of it. A ton of platforms are opening their online courses for FREE, operas and shows are going live on social media, webinars are taking place and you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home. 

Here are some of my few favorite free e-courses and platforms at the moment!

  1. Skillshare offers your first 2 months for FREE and you can have take all the courses you want! 
  2. The Wing @the.wing  is hosting online events for everyone! Self care, cooking, politics, business, you name it! Just sign up and get going!
  3. is offering free online courses for you to stay home and get inspired! 
  4. Brit Co. @britandco is making ALL of their classes FREE for you to take and stay inspired and creative at home. Use the code SELFCARE at checkout
  5. Welcome Inspirations NYC @welcomeinspirationsnyc is hosting webinars every single day with different creatives for FREE via Zoom! 
  6. Alja Horvat @aljahorvat is sharing the loveliest printables for you to download and paint your life away!

Nourish your creative soul!

I hope these self love tips for social distancing can help you navigate these uncertain times a little bit better. I know it’s not easy but remember we are all in this together! Get inspired, stay grounded and most importantly STAY HOME and stay safe.

Lots of love,





Self Care practices for social distancing

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