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Watch us Edit – Editing with A Color Story

How I edit my photos using A Color Story by Hopeful Outsiders

How I Edit with A Color Story!

Hello my darlings! I had the pleasure to be feature in A Color Story’s “Watch Us Edit” IG Stories and I share a little bit of my creative process while editing, some tips and tricks while using the app. So I wanted to dive deep into some more tips that can help you up your editing game using @acolorstory. So here we go!

Editing tip 1 using A Color Story - Layer your filters

1. Layer your filters 

My favorite feature of A Color Story is being able to stack as much filters as I can. While other editing app only let you use 1 filter and manage the intensity of the effect; ACS lets you use all the filters you desire.

My tip for this is to layer your filters! I always use my filters in a subtle way, for example: instead of using your filter to 100% I normally use it from 18%-45% depending on the type of effect I want the photo to have. This will make your photos look crisp without over editing it and blow up the pixels.

How to edit your photos using A Color Story by Hopeful Outsiders

2. Selecting Editing & Color +

Have your ever finished a photo and think “I wish the pinks were MORE pink with out making everything look crazy”. The Color + feature is an AMAZING way to do that. It will help you target specific colors so you can manage the hue, saturation and luminance. Explore this feature and you’ll see why I love it SO much.

Favorite filters to edit using A Color Story by Hopeful Outsiders

3. Favorite filters

I LOVE using new filters in every photo, I’m a true believer of using as much filters as you want and ACS is always releasing new packages and collaborations so I always explore the new ones, see which ones I love and save my favorites. Just click the little heart at the right and it will automatically save it into your favorite filters tabs. So know you can have easy access to them.

Editing using A Color Story by Hopeful Outsiders

4. Saving Custom Presets

I can’t tell you how many times I use my custom presets! I used them ALL the time. Let’s be honest sometimes we don’t have time to sit down and do a full edit for a photo, so that’s where saving your custom presets comes in handy. After editing a photo and saving it you just have to click “Save custom preset”, give it a cute name and voilá! 

I love doing this if I have several photos with the same lighting so I can use it and all the photos look that same. You can always go back and edit some details if needed.

Hopeful Outsiders instagram feed using A Color Story

5. Grid Planning 

Ever wondered how all those IG accounts always look aesthetic pleasing and beautiful? GRID PLANNING, ACS has a grid planning feature that helps you visualize your feed. You can add as much photos you want and swap them to see which ones fit you better. 

I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY, that’s how I plan my content and see what shot I would like to make for it to fit my aesthetic and look and feel. 

Hopeful Outsider using A Color Story editing app

Make it beautiful, make it unique, make it YOU!

Editing is by far my favorite part of the content creation process. It really takes a while for you to find your editing style but with the right tools you can make it smooth and easy. If you’re still wanting to find what type of editing you like, take a moment and do this simple steps.

1. Go to your saved tab on IG and take a look on the type of photos you have saved in the past. What type of editing you see the most? Is it warm toned, colorful and bold, desaturated and moody? See what editing you are loving to guide you. 

2. Explore different types of editing! Edit the same photo in different styles and see what speaks to you the most.

3. Don’t get discourage! It took me almost 4 years to finally find my aesthetic and editing style and every single day it keeps evolving. Every time I travel I feel like a new editing style appears, and that’s ok. 

Take this time at home to practice and find yourself, and remember this “your uniqueness is YOUR magic!” Embrace it and make it bloom. 

Hope you enjoyed this tips and trips using A Color Story! It’s really the BEST editing app out there. So grab a coffee, discover your new favorite filters and simply have fun! If you want to learn more about how I create and edit my content click here!

Sending you all a big virtual hug!
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Watch us Edit – Editing with A Color Story

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