The DNA of Content Creation for Creatives

Have you ever wondered how cohesive content creation works? What if I told you that there’s a magical combination of 3 key elements that will help you achieve that visual storytelling you’ve been wanting for the longest time! Content creation can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be, it should be fun and a way for you to let your creative juices flowing. It’s all about learning how to use the DNA of Content Creation in your favor.

DNA of Content Creation

Content Creation is basically telling visual stories, is how we can showcase to the world what our brand stands for, what keeps us inspired and excited. Visual storytelling works just like in branding, so we have 3 different key elements that we need to work so our brand showcases how magical our work is.

The DNA of Content Creation is the combination of the following elements: Your vision + your voice + your visuals = Your BRAND!

So grab your iced latte and let’s get to work!

Your Vision

Your Vision is all about what your want your brand to evoke. Think about what you would like your dream audience to feel when they first encounter your content.

What sets you apart, what makes your brand unique and special. Take a little extra time to think what type of energy your brand gives, so you can translate it into all the content you’re gonna create.

Think about your WHY, the purpose of your brand and why it started. This will help you build your core values and pin point where your content should be heading to!

Content Creation basics, content tips for creatives by hopeful outsiders

Your Voice

Your Voice is HOW you want your brand to communicate and connect. Go back to your brand core values and pick the ones that resonate best with you and your audience. This could be: transparency, bubbly, optimistic!

Write down all the brand core values that resonate with your brand and take note on how you could use them in your content. This will help you resonate emotionally while creating cohesive visuals and copywriting that truly connects with your dream audience and clients!

Imagine what type of content goes with your voice so you can start planning it!

Your visuals as a brand by hopeful outsides. Content creation basics

Your Visuals

Your Visuals are all things creative that showcase your brand. From branding elements, to your photography, styling and even props!

Just like in any branding process our visuals come from all the strategic insights you want your brand to showcase, so remember to go back to your vision and voice so your content fits perfectly with your brand.

This way you will evoke and check all the boxes and truly connect with your dream client! Remember that elements like color, composition and even how you capture the light in your photos can help us communicate a certain type of brand personality!

Content creation look & feel by hopeful outsiders. Creative imagery for lifestyle brands and hotels.

Your Brand

Your Brand is how we tell your amazing story using your vision, voice and visuals. It’s how we can really make your brand stand out using content creation pillars and branding elements that evoke and showcase the real you!

Content Creation has become one of the most important key elements in building a cohesive brand, it’s all about making your dream client connect with what your brand represents and stands for.

So make sure to sit down with your favorite drink and determine your WHY, and how you can show that on your content from now on. Remember people LOVE stories so let’s make sure you tell a great one!

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The DNA of Content Creation for Creatives

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