Best Coffee Shops in Miami

Best coffee shops in Miami - Cover photo. Top 5 coffee shops in Miami

Best Coffee Shops in Miami

Miami has become one of my favorite cities to discover and today I want to share with you my favorite coffee shops in Miami! My favorite places to go and get my daily dose of cafecito, amazing food and of course insta-worthy content. 

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Bebito's Cafe, best coffee shops in Miami by Hopeful Outsiders


If you love having cafecito you need to add Bebito’s to your list! Bebito’s is a cuban cafe located in the heart of Miami Beach. This cuban cafe stole my heart as soon as I stepped into its doors, from the variety of amazing breakfast options to get your morning fuel in!

Every single corner of Bebito’s is aesthetic paradise, it’s an amazing place to spend a sunday morning enjoying and sipping coffee.

Bebito’s @bebitoscafe
1504 Bay Rd #106, Miami Beach

Bebito's, coffeeshops in Miami
Best coffee shops in Miami, bebito's cafe
Coffee shops in Miami

Strawberry Moon at The Goodtime Hotel

The Goodtime Hotel has to be by far one of my favorite places to eat and sleep in Miami! Pastel aesthetics meet copa cabana vibes to make all your pastel dreams come true. Strawberry Moon is the Mediterranean bar, restaurant and daytime swim club located inside The Goodtime and it’s open for everyone to visit.

Their menu is mediterranean inspired and it’s the best place for sunday brunch! From iconic plates like the Moon Bread (seriously the BEST bread you’ll ever eat in your life) from your favorite brunch classic with a flavorful twist that will make your taste buds go crazy.

Be sure to visit the hotel’s common areas like The Library and fall in love with their amazing decor and aesthetic! A true must if you’re visiting Miami.

Strawberry Moon @strawberrymoon @thegoodtimehotel
601 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

The Goodtime Hotel. Photography by Hopeful Outsiders.
Strawberry Moon, The Goodtime Hotel. Photography by Hopeful Outsiders.
The Library at Strawberry Moon, The Goodtime Hotel. Photography by Hopeful Outsiders.
Little Hen, Miami Coffee shops

Little Hen

If you love brunch, boutique spaces and english inspired design, Little Hen is the perfect place for you! Every time I visit Little Hen I fall in love with a new plate. The overall experience is amazing! From their signature inspired tea room boutique space, to their amazing menu and coffee options.

You can visit them at their 2 locations, in Midtown and Weston. It’s the perfect place to visit when you want to be transported to a magical wonderland on a weekend! PS. You have to try their iconic rose petal pancakes, they are so beautiful and delicious!

Little Hen @littlehen_
3451 NE 1st Ave, Midtown Miami
4579 Weston Rd, Weston

Little Hen, Miami coffee shops
Thatch Miami, Best coffee shops in miami

Thatch Mami

Thatch is one of those places that will steal your heart right away! This vegan restaurant is the perfect place for you to explore new flavors and amazing new food. I love the entire concept of Thatch, being completely vegan, clean and organic. Their entire menu is full of flavor and you wouldn’t even notice that everything is plant based.

Their iconic crispy cauliflower, truffle fries, burgers and sandwiches are OUT OF THIS WORLD! You can enjoy your favorite pick with some cocktails, cold-pressed juices at their pastel indoor spaces or enjoy the amazing weather at their outdoor terrace.

Thatch Miami @thatchmiami
3255 NE Ave, Midtown Miami

Pastel coffee shops in Miami, Thatch Miami. Photography by Hopeful Outsiders
Pastel coffee shops in Miami, Thatch Miami. Photography by Hopeful Outsiders
Pastel coffee shops in Miami, Thatch Miami. Photography by Hopeful Outsiders

Blanca Concept

Blanca is the perfect combination of all the things I love the most: decor & cafecitos! This specialty coffee shop and concept store was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now we have it in South Miami. I started following Blanca when they opened in Argentina and I was over the moon when I saw they were opening a second location in Miami.

Their entire concept is combining specialty coffee with curated home decor, I mean there’s no better combination for a lovely afternoon filled with all things pretty and caffeinated. Aesthetics meets flavor in this amazing new coffee shop, you have to add this one to your list for sure!

Blanca Concept @blancaconcept
5855 B Sunset Dr, South Miami

Cafecito is my love language

Discovering new coffee shops in Miami in my pastel city has become one of my favorite things to do! Miami is filled with culture, color and so many places to visit. If you love going out for cafecitos and get to know delicious new places to add to your list we can totally be besties!

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Till next time my darlings!
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Best Coffee Shops in Miami

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